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Library Facility
A well-equipped and rich library is the soul of good institution. With this dictum in he mind the college has arranges for the rich and weel-equipped library with all modern facilities.

Library Committee:
  1. Mrs. Sunita Sharma, Convenor
  2. Dr. Surekha Khokhar, Principal, Ex-officio Member
  3. Dr. Sushila Sangwan
  4. Dr. Seema Sirohi
  5. Dr. Sunita Arya
  6. Dr. Indu Bala
  7. Dr. Manju Hooda
Mrs. Sunita Sharma, Librarian
C.R. College of Education, Rohtak
Mobile No.-09729067055
E-mail: 47sunita.sharma@gmail.com

CRCOE library is one of the oldest and largest college libraries. Library has rich collection of around 21830 books with 15000 titles on education and other subjects on the shelves of the libraray. The library subscribes 58 Journals on Education and related subjects:

National and Peer reviewed = 52
International = 4
Local = 2
Online+ hardcopy =1
Online Newsletters =3
Our library subscribes Newspapers (Hindi & English) = 13 & Magazines = 15

We have separate Audio-video collection which includes Audio cassettes, VCD's on Education, CD's on Education, DVD's on Education, DVD's on Science, Lesson Plan VCD's from Class IVth to XIIth class for B. Ed students.

Reference section: Reference section is very rich. It has latest Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Surveys both Research and Educational, Commission/ Committee reports, Abstracts, Bibliographies, Biographies, Gazzetters, Yearbooks, Maps, Handbooks, Travel Guides, Foreign and rare books. Reference section of the library caters to the needs of brilliant students and teachers as it gives them sufficient intellectual stimuli.

Computer Facility:
Our library is computerized with SOUL software.
  1. A special 'E-learning Centre' is formed to provide free internet access to all the students to check various educational websites.
  2. Students and teachers avail the facility to use CD-ROM's available in the library.
  3. Students can use Audio CD's, VCD's and DVD's in the library through computers & headphones.
Library has two reading rooms with seating capacity of 70 students. We have separate Periodical section, Reference section, Newspaper section, Text Book section etc.
  1. Document delivery service: Books, photocopies of articles, CD's etc.
  2. Inter-library loan.
  3. Bibliographic Service- in anticipation & on demand.
  4. User Orientation Service- At the beginning of session.
  5. Newspaper clipping service.
  6. Referral services: Reference queries of other libraries or individual are solved.
  7. Current Awareness service.
  8. Photocopier facility.
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