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Panchayat System At CRCOE
The three days orientation programme for the newly inducted B.Ed. and M.Ed. students are organised. This orientation enabled them to become familiar with the activities and programmes of the college. In the beginning of the session Chhatra Panchayat and Clubs are formed. Chhatra panchayat and clubs are actively involved in planning, organizing and executing various activities of the institution along with the faculty.

In Chhatra Panchayat and method clubs students develop various characteristics i.e. Cooperation, leadership, creativity, advancement of knowledge, decision making, self disclosure, sharing, self-confidence social values and dignity towards manual works.

Education clubs are formed according to subjects
  • Lanaguage club (Tagore club)
  • Science club (Raman club)
  • Math club (Aryabhatt club)
  • SS Club (Radha Krishanan club)
  • ICT Club ( Advance learners of computer literacy)
Major Activities of Chhatra Panchayat and Clubs:
  • Organizing and celebrating days of National Importance
  • Organizing and celebrating festivals
  • Organizing tours, trips and excursions
  • Organizing various competitions
The faculty members forming the Students' Panchayat Advisory committee (2013-2014) are: Dr. Sushila Sangwan, Dr. Sunita Sharma, Dr. Seema Sirohi, Dr. Sunita Arya, Dr. Indu Bala, Dr. Manju Hooda, Dr. Ranjana Sangwan, Dr. Renu Maan, Dr. Poonam Deswal ,Dr. Archna,Mr. Pawan


Raman Club :                       Dr. Sunita Arya , Dr. Poonam Deswal
Tagore Club :                      Dr. Sushila Sangwan, Dr. Indu Bala
Jawaharlal Nehru Club :     Dr. Renu Maan
Aryabhatta Cub:                 Dr. Manju Hooda
Aryabhatt Club:                  Dr. Manju Hooda
ICT Club:                             Dr. Seema Sirohi

Panchayat Members - 2013-2014

Raman Club

Tegor Club

Jawahar Lal Nehru Club

Aryabhatt Club

ICT Club

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